Private Singing Lessons

Although we specialise in advanced techniques, we can teach any level of singer from complete beginner to seasoned pro.

Regardless of the level you are at now, we aim to teach expert tips, tricks and techniques to put you on the right path to help you sing comfortably, without straining and without tiring or damaging your voice.

Our 1 to 1 sessions can help you to:

  • Increase your vocal range by developing your voice to it’s full potential
  • Sing Louder or softer – for added dynamic effect
  • Sing with more control – to hit the notes how you want to hit them
  • Sing with more strength and power – learn how to support the note efficiently so that you never run out of steam
  • Find your own voice and style
  • Prevent vocal damage, hoarseness and losing your voice
  • Sing for longer
  • Add Effects to the voice (advanced level – singers must be at a certain level before using effects in order to support correctly and avoid damage)
  • Express yourself creatively using interpretation techniques

Our coaching Methods

We believe that singing should be fun and accessible to all!

Our teaching is about what YOU want to achieve as a singer and how  YOU want to sound. Old fashioned teaching practices have the potential to force a certain style on a singer or prevent them from singing completely by telling then that they ‘can’t’ sing in a certain way. This can lead to the singer being afraid to try new things or by giving up altogether and never really finding their voice.

Before tackling advanced techniques it is advisable to have practiced support methods to a certain level. but unless there is a physical reason why your voice is not able to make certain sounds, there is no reason why you can’t sing in any style you want!

We are all born with the same instrument and the ability to make incredibly loud and very clear notes without any training at all – think of babies screaming!. As with any instrument – improvement comes with practice and fine tuning and if you don’t use it – you may lose the necessary skills!

Why not contact us? You could become a master of your own voice in less time than you think!

Where are we based?

Our vocal collective not only teach extreme vocal techniques but actually sing extremes professionally (audio examples & live gig dates coming soon).

The map below shows where our current workshops are based but if we do not have a workshop near you at the moment – online skype lessons can be provided.

As our collective of extreme vocalists expands – so will the workshop venues. If you sing extreme vocals or are a teacher of extreme vocals or would just like to input to our collective – we’d love to hear from you!  :-)

Costs vary from musicians union rates to specialist rates dependent on how intensive the session, how long you need and at what level you are at. Please note – teachers that have joined our collective are independent and will have their own rate card – these prices should just be used as a guide as Musician and union rates will vary from country to country.

Sing in the Extremes? Let us know!