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Our Instructors have worked with touring musicians, TV personalities, actors, radio talent, singers and recording artists from multiple genres in multiple countries. All teachers are Authorized Extreme Vocal Technique Tutors so can teach and demonstrate all vocal effects to a high standard as well as performing the effects professionally. 

Whether you’re an actor, rock artist, metalhead or singer looking to add some grit to your voice – book a lesson today! 
Your tutor will be assigned at time of booking, but if you have a preference, please let us know so that we can arrange with the individual tutor.

jackie hole

Authorized Extreme Vocal Technique Tutor

Hard Rock vocalist – Jackie is a singer, performer and extreme vocal coach. Providing lessons for rock and metal artists as well as those looking to sing with high edge belt and rasp such as pop artists, clean vocalists and musical theatre performers… read more

vidi dolev

Authorized Extreme Vocal Technique Tutor

Metal Vocalist and performer, Vidi has toured with Deep Purple, The Orphaned Land and been a guest vocalist many albums. 

Vid is our vocal Effects consultant for the more extreme metal vocal sounds for touring artists such as death growl, mid screams, high screams and combinations during live shows… read more

michael hill

Authorized Extreme Vocal Technique Tutor

Michael is an experienced voice coach, singer, broaadcaster. Michael is a senior lecturer at the Leeds Conservatoire, Tutor at BIMM and regualarly provides training for The Actors Centre, London.Michael teaches rock, pop, musical theatre performers and actors how to grunt growl and express themselves … read more


Training is available in person or online via Skype. We have a minimum of 6 participants required on a course in order to run - If you have an educational establishment or would like group training - contact us for details using the form below


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