Workshops / Masterclasses

The workshop environment is a safe group learning environment where singers get the opportunity to tryout the effects in class.

When trying effects for the first time, it is very easy to hurt yourself, so we show you from the start, the correct place to find the effects and what to do if you have been hitting it too hard with our Voice Reset Programme

Group workshop sessions are extremely beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Listening to other voices helps you understand your own voice
  • Watching others being taught can help you notice things that may help improve posture, support and singing technique
  • There is an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by a variety of singing styles
  • Every singer is different but we all have the same voice – singers with different styles may have similar challenges
  • Helps build confidence when singing in front of others
  • Receive positive group feedback – our extreme vocals workshop sessions are all about encouragement and support
  • Ensure you are singing in the safest healthiest way

2019 Workshop Schedule

March/April 2019 – 1 Day workshops and 4 Day complete Bootcamp – london UK

5th & 6th May  2019 – 2 Day weekend Workshop in conjunction with CVT UK – click here for more details

August – October – 4 Day bootcamps conjunction with CVT UK – click here for more details


Podcast Radio Show and  Youtube Channel – Coming Soon!