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5 advanced vocal effects for singers 

Different singers will have different experiences learning vocal effects based on their existing vocal setup. What may seem like a simple effect for one singer may take years to master for another.

With that in mind, we consider advanced effects to be vocal effects that in our experience have taken the longest for most singers to get comfortable with and be in total control of every time.

The aim of this article is to familiarize you with the top 5 Advanced Vocal Effects Combinations and why.

If you want to learn, there are many teachers out there who talk the talk but rarely demonstrate singing let alone vocal effects. Ensure your teacher can perform these sounds before asking for any lessons!

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1. fusion fx / combinations


VWithout a doubt – combination effects also known as fusion fx, hybrid effects, layered effects – are the most advanced.

Not only do singers need to understand and master the individual effects, combining them to create a signature sound is the prime desire for most artists.

Some combinations won’t work based on where they vibrate in the vocal tract, and some fusion fx go together naturally.

You can hear a variety of combined effects in our video – can you hear the difference

2. fry scream


Fry Scream has been included in the top list of advanced effects purely because it occurs on the vocal fold themselves, so can often cause issues if not implemented correctly.

Fry scream is easy to find, but strong, loud fry scream with the right amount of underlying pressure can be difficult to master and then difficult again when trying to sing live.

You can hear fry scream in context in our fry scream video

3. overtones


Overtone singing is notoriously difficult to master. Using tones on top of notes to create multi layered overtones is a wonder to behold. Also used in tuvan singing and throat singing, overtones create a distinct sound.
Using the same knowledge of overtones can color your own vocal effects, make them even more epic and in some instances make them easier.

Listen to a variety of overtones in our video series

4. whistle


Not strictly an effect, but often something singers want to be able to do – from Mariah Carey to Mike Patten – using whistle with vocal effects has become a sought after skill – careful though – legend has it that not all singers can achieve the whistle sound.
It is also not really that useful for singing entire songs!

Listen to our whistle effects video


5. husk


Ever wondered how some singers seem like at any moment they may lose their voice but they never do? We’re calling that husk.
Perhaps some singers have more robust vocal folds, perhaps there is an underlying pathology that makes it possible with ease?
All we know is that some singers that would be traditionally told they have bad technique are still going strong and never seem to suffer any fatigue
Listen to husky singers in our vocal effects series

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