How it all began

Extreme Vocal Training started as an idea for a study group and turned very quickly into a small cooperative of like minded vocalists, singers and professional vocal teachers that wanted to create a workshop to help anyone that wants to be able to sing using the extremes of the voice or use vocal effects safely, and without damage.

Vocal Effects used to be thought of as something that is dangerous but these are all sounds that human beings can make when shouting, in anger, laughing, cheering, babies screaming. Primal sounds in this way are used in Musical Theatre to help get students into the emotion of a song. You can use this primal voice of yours to access interesting sounds to use in any style of music (except classical where there are different rules for sound ideals.

Using the solid teaching methodology we call ‘Extreme Vocal Technique’, we can help vocalists of all ages and styles to develop the right tools for support and effective singing.

Who are we?

Davidi Dolev – Co Founder

Master Metal singer and performer from Israel, vocal coach to touring musicians. Vidi has recently been on tour as support act with Deep Purple and The Orphaned Land. CVT Qualified Coach

Jackie Hole –  Co Founder

Vocalist & Performer with a 5.5 Octave Range and an ability to sing all things in all styles at the highest level. CVT Qualified Coach with Estill Foundation training Level 1 & 2

Michael Hill

Vocalist, Performer and Vocal Coach at BIMM London. All Styles CVT Qualified Coach

Suvi Uura

Vocalist & Performer in Finland. Front Woman of Dorothy Polonium and recently on tour in Japan. Rock & Metal Styles. Recently CVT Qualified Coach




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