Extreme Vocal Sounds

There are many types of extreme vocal sounds. Extreme and advanced vocal sounds although associated with rock and metal are widely used in contemporary and pop music.

Extreme sounds can include:

  • Notes from the very high and very low ranges
  • Various types of distortion (rock, metal etc)
  • Advanced vocal techniques in contemporary music (croaks, creaks, using part vocal chords)
  • Making more than one sound at once (intentionally not due to damage)
  • Singing more than one note at once
  • Overtones
  • Imitating sounds from other sources (beatbox etc)

Here is our sound library and to show you that with the correct training, it is possible for one person to make all of these noises :-)


Extreme Vocal Notes – High/Low


Vocal Effects – Distortion etc


Chords – Singing Multiple Notes at Once


Vocal Overtones – Polyphonic & Harmonic Singing