Distortion is that raspy sound that you hear that adds ‘grit’ to your voice. when you first start you may start using what we term as combined effects such as creak and distortion – but don’t worry about that – the goal for every effects master it is to be able to isolate every effect then you can combine them at will to create some really cool sounds.

Distortion is used in rock, metal, pop – everywhere. We ensure that not only can all of our teachers make the sounds, but perform them regularly live or in an entire song. Here is our tutor Jackie Hole distorting like a good un.


Depending on how metal you are – the basic grunt may be called different things in different sub genres but here is good old fashioned grunt. Here is our metal guru vidi performing with Subterranean Masquerade in Moscow. Vidi also supported Deep Purple on a recent tour


The basis of many a pop ditty such as Oops I did it again, but also an absolute must in the toolbox if you want to be creating high pig squeal metal sounds

Here is our teacher Suvi in her band Dorothy Polonium Demonstrating the High Creaking Pig Squeal Sound


That crow like sound that works really well combined with other effects – often the least popular effect but add to distortion and BOOM – next level awesome. Used in Pop brilliantly by Beyonce and PAul McCartney but an extra sound for metalheads to make.

Beatles are a timeless example in a rock / pop context and can use effects as well as any metal head – from Helter Skelter to the chorus of Hello Darlin’ McCartney gives it everything

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